Protect Your Domain NameWith Domain Ownership Coverage

Domain name Ownership Coverage from DNProtect protects your domain name from loss:

  • Legal - If your domain name is subject to legal action, trademark claim, or UDRP dispute, you’re covered. We’ll defend your domain name using our legal resources.
  • Theft - If there are any issues related to the domain name ownership, you’re covered under DNProtect’s domain name ownership coverage.
  • Clerical Errors - Similar to overdraft protection from your bank, if you forget to renew your domain name, we’ll make sure the domain does not go offline.

Amount of Coverage

For the period of time: 1 year

1 month
10 years

Amount of Coverage: $10,000

Estimated warranty premium (1% of coverage amount per year)
$100/year $8.34/month $100.08 Total

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