As stolen domains is an industry-wide problem that has grown with the increased popularity of domain names as a valuable investment. No one wants to have their domain name stolen. Because of the value of domain names, domain name theft can occur. Moreover, a domain name can be re-sold to someone else who doesn’t know it’s stolen.

The DNProtect Stolen Names database receives and validates reports of stolen domain names. It then tracks and monitors information associated with the name, such as WHOIS data. The database also makes it possible for domain name registrars and the appropriate authorities to receive the information, as well in order to coordinate and fast-track resolution of theft claims.

Reports of stolen domain names are investigated by DNProtect. If certain qualifications are met, a DNProtect Alert is issued about the domain name. We believe that tracking stolen domain names and alerting others in a timely fashion that domain name theft has occurred will help discourage this activity.

Report Domain Name Theft

In the event that your domain name has been stolen, please use the form below to notify DNProtect of the theft.

Please refer to information about Domain Name Theft to determine if your domain name has truly been stolen or if there is another issue about the domain name that appears to be domain name theft.

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